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NO.1 DT28 New ECG+PPG Smartwatch

DT NO.1 DT28 ECG+PPG Sports Smartwatch with fitness tracker features specs, price

DT NO.1 is back again with a new smartwatch called NO.1 DT28. but this time with more features especially ECG and PPG function plus the mobile payment. Let check the full specs.

The NO.1 DT28 smartwatch comes with a stylish round look, which is available in black and silver color. the body is made of stainless steel, while the strap is removable and available in silicon and Milanese strap with 22mm. the smartwatch also has a 1.54 inch TFT screen, 240 x 240 resolution display with touch screen operating mode.

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DTNO.1 G12 Sports Smartwatch 

The NO.1 DT28 is an IP68 waterproof smartwatch with multi-sports mode "Running, Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Basketball and so on". while the health and fitness features are Heart Rate Monitor, ECG, Blood Pressure Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer. Additional features are mobilepayment "Alipay offline, easily pay…

5 Best Chinese Smartwatches In 2019

Top 5 Best Chinese Smartwatches 2019

Chinese smartwatches are the most budget smartwatches in the markets. and in 2018, we were blessed with more smartwatches than ever before. In 2019, we are expecting more and more of smartwatches.

Top 5 best Chinese smartwatches with high specifications and low price


The LEM X smartwatch comes with powerful functions similar to the smartphones, it has a 2.03 inch AMOLED HD big screen, 640 x 590 resolution,  which makes it easier and more convenient to operate. With 8.0MP Camera no matter you are in friends party or journey, you can clearly record. LEMFO LEM X is powered by an MTK 6739 1.5GHz processor, it has 16 GB of internal storage as well as 1GB RAM and running Android 7.1. it is an IP67 waterproof smartwatch, Built-in nano-SIM card slot and support a 4G connectivity.
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Kospet Hope 

Kospet Hope is the first Android smartwatch that has 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, it's a smartwatch with best camera. the android watch has a circ…

Kospet Hope Review: 4G LTE Smartwatch with 32GB ROM

Kospet Hope 4G LTE Smartwatch with 3GB RAM/32GB ROM

Kospet Hope! When I saw this smartwatch, I surprised, also you will surprise too, a smartwatch with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM! it like a smartphone, Actually there is a lot of smartphones do not have this big RAM and ROM. Kospet Hope smartwatch has a circular design with a silicone strap. The smartwatch has two physical buttons for navigation and on between is a camera with 8.0MP resolution. having a 1.39inch AMOLED display, 400*400 pixels resolution with touch screen supports.

the Kospet Hope smartwatch powered by the MTK6739 processor and running Android 7.0, having 3GB RAM and 32GB storage space that is enough for apps. the Kospet Hope is a 4G smartwatch, support a single Nano SIM slot supporting  GSM/WCDMA/ FDD+ LTE compatibility, Additional network features are Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI 802.11 and GPS/GLONASS functionality. features of the watch are Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Remote Camera, Sedenta…

Bakeey H9 ECG+PPG Smartwatch

Bakeey H9 ECG+PPG Smartwatch

Bakeey H9 is a new smartwatch with health and fitness trackers features, the Bakeey H9 comes with latest functions such as ECG+PPG Monitoring (like apple watch 4). the smartwatch has a 1.3inch TFT screen, 240*240 pixels resolution with touch key supports, having a silicone strap with IP67 waterproof.

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General Specification Brand Bakeey  Model H9 Color Black, Blue, Gray Bluetooth Version BT 4.0 or above Chip NRF52832 ECG Chip Texas Instruments  TI PPG Chip HRS 3300 Compatible OS Android 4.4 or above , iOS 8.0 or above Operating Mode Touch Key APP Name Wearhealth App Language English,Russian,German,Italian,Czech,Japanese,French,Simplified Chinese,Traditional
 Chinese,Portuguese,Spanish, Korean, MalaySpecial Features Waterproof IP67 waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Support Blood Pressure Monitor

Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus SmartWatch ( You Will love it)

Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus SmartWatch Features

October is the month of competition, After LEMFO LEM8 and Microwear H7, Zeblaze also launched its new smartwatch Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus. Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus is Another Android smartwatch with LTE capability and a high-resolution camera, it has a sporty look with a Silica gel strap. having a 1.4 inch AMOLED screen, 400*400 pixels and with multi-touch mode support, it has Zinc alloy body with the 5.0MP camera on the side and weighing 65g.

The Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus is powered by the MTK6739 processor and runs the Android 7.1 1, one of the latest Android OS for smartwatches and has 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus is a 4G smartwatch phone, having a nano-SIM slot compatible with GSM+ WCDMA 2100Mhz. It is also equipped with the basic network features that you find in an Android smartwatch such as GPS/GLONASS, WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. the watch also has a Heart-rate monitor, Proximity, Accelerometer sensors. additional f…

Microwear H7 4G SmartWatch Specs, Price, Features

Microwear H7 4G SmartWatch Specs, Price, Features

Microwear is back again with a new generation of smartwatchesMicrowear H7, the Microwear still keeping the same design which is rugged and rectangular as well, the Microwear H7 has 1.54 inch, 320 x 320 resolution with the full touchable screen protected with a glass mirror, having an alloy body with a TPU strap. The smartwatch also has a 5MP camera as well as an IP68 waterproof that is suitable for swimming but do not use it in a hot water shower.

The Microwear H7smartwatch powered by MTK6737 Quad Core processor, having 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal memory.the Microwear H7 is a 4G smartwatch phone, having a nano-SIM slot compatible with GSM+ WCDMA 2100Mhz. It is also equipped with the basic network features that you find in an Android smartwatch such as GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

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Microwear H5 Android 6.0 4G S…

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Zeblaze Thor 5 Vs Zeblaze Thor 4 SmarWatch Comparison

Zeblaze Thor 5 Vs Zeblaze Thor 4 SmarWatch Comparison
Zeblaze Thor 5 Vs Zeblaze Thor 4 SmarWatch Comparison

Zeblaze Thor 4 Vs Zeblaze Thor 5 SmarWatch Comparison

After the success of  Zeblaze thor 4 smartwatch, Zeblaze has made a new smartwatch in the Thor series, Zeblaze thor 5. Both are 4G standalone smartwatches with different look and design as well as the key features.

What is the difference between Zeblaze Thor 4 and Thor 5?

1-Design & Display:

the two Chinese smartwatches have difference design, Zeblaze thor 4 has a full round body with a 5MP camera and two physical buttons on the right side, while Zeblaze thor 5 has a round display but the body is not full round with an 8MP front camera on the right side and two physical buttons on the left. for the screen, Thor 4 smartwatch has 1.39″ inch AMOLED display size with 400 x 400 resolution while Zeblaze thor 5 has  1.39″ inch AMOLED display size with 400 x 400 pixels.


The most difference between the two Android smartwatches is Zeblaze thor 4 powered by one processor, MTK6737 1.1GHz, Quad Core, while the Thor 5 smartwatch running two independent processors, MediaTek MT6739 and Nordic NRF52840 chip. it can be used as a common standalone smartwatch with a display at maximum brightness, support for touch gestures and apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store, or as a simple fitness tracker with brightness at minimum, touch disabled and basic information about our physical activity.

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Operating System
Android 7.0 O.S
Android 7.1
MTK6737 1.1GHz, Quad Core
MT6739 Quad-core+  NRF52832
1.39inch AMOLED, 400*400pixels
1.39inch AMOLED, 400*400pixels
Standby time
2 days
5-7 days
Available color

3- Prices and availability:

For the moment Zeblaze Thor 5 is not yet on sale in the market, but it will be available from May at a price of around 140 dollars. We will keep you updated on store availability. While you can Zeblaze Thor 4 at Gearbest for $ 119.99.
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