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5 Best Chinese Smartwatches In 2019

Top 5 Best Chinese Smartwatches 2019

Chinese smartwatches are the most budget smartwatches in the markets. and in 2018, we were blessed with more smartwatches than ever before. In 2019, we are expecting more and more of smartwatches.

Top 5 best Chinese smartwatches with high specifications and low price


The LEM X smartwatch comes with powerful functions similar to the smartphones, it has a 2.03 inch AMOLED HD big screen, 640 x 590 resolution,  which makes it easier and more convenient to operate. With 8.0MP Camera no matter you are in friends party or journey, you can clearly record. LEMFO LEM X is powered by an MTK 6739 1.5GHz processor, it has 16 GB of internal storage as well as 1GB RAM and running Android 7.1. it is an IP67 waterproof smartwatch, Built-in nano-SIM card slot and support a 4G connectivity.
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Kospet Hope 

Kospet Hope is the first Android smartwatch that has 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, it's a smartwatch with best camera. the android watch has a circ…

Lemfo LEM9 Vs Kospet Optimus Vs Zeblaze Thor 5 SmartWatch

Lemfo LEM9 Vs Kospet Optimus Vs Zeblaze Thor 5 SmartWatch, Which One is Better?
Lemfo LEM9 and Kospet Optimus and Zeblaze Thor 5 are the three newest smartwatches in 2019, three smartwatches are loaded with great features. They are all standalone smartwatches with sim card and some of the best you can buy for the money.

What is the difference between Lemfo LEM9, Kospet Optimus and Zeblaze Thor 5? the three smartwatches have the same screen size as well as they use two pressors for the smartwatch mode and smart bracelet mode and this is a new feature in the smartwatch world. while they are different in internal memory, processor type, battery as well as camera position.

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Watch model LEMFO LEM9 KOSPUT  OPTIMUS ZEBLAZE THOR 5 Photos Operating System Android 7.1 Android 7.1.1 + Lite OS System

Kospet Optimus Pro Vs Kospet Hope Smartwatch Comparison

Kospet Optimus Pro Vs Kospet Hope Smartwatch ComparisonKospet Optimus pro andKospet Hope smartwatch are from Kospet, Both have great features and large memory capacity. Kospet Hope is the Old ones, which made it in 2019, While Kospet Optimus pro is the latest smartwatch 2019.

What is the difference between kospet Optimus pro and Kospet Hope? There is a big difference between the two standalone smartwatches especially in the functionality,
kospet Optimus pro its a dual-mode watch powered by two independent processors and running two operation systems, it can be used as a common standalone smartwatch with display at maximum brightness, support for touch gestures and apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store, or as a simple fitness tracker with brightness at minimum, while Kospet Hope has just one processor and running with one operating system and you can use it only as a watch phone.

SMARTWATCH Kospet Optimus pro Kospet Hope Operating System Android 7.0 O.SAndroid 7.1.1 + Lite OS Sy…

LEMFO LEM8 Vs LEMFO LEM9 Smartwatch Comparison

LEMFO LEM8 Vs LEMFO LEM9  Smartwatch Comparison
Here is a comparison between The latest two Lemfo smartwatches, LEMFO LEM8, and  LEMFO LEM9. By the way, Lem8 has released in 2018 while Lem9 in 2019.

Pictures:LEMFO LEM9

Design:LEMFO LEM9: This device designed with two modes, you can use it as a smartwatch or as a smart bracelet for saving the battery, it has 1.39 inch full round AMOLED screen with a 454*454-pixel resolution, having two physical buttons on the side as well as the 5MP front camera and powered by IP67 Waterproof Rating.

LEMFO LEM8: This device you can just use it as a smartwatch, it has 1.39 inch full round screen with an AMOLED display, 400 x 400 pixels with touchscreen support, equipped with aero titanium alloys watchcase, which is slim and more wear-resisting, Having 2.0 MP camera with IP67 waterproof rating.

Specs:LEMFO LEM9: This Android smartwatch is powered by MT6739 Quad-core processor and has 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory and run the Android 7.1.


Zeblaze Thor 5 4G SmartWatch Every Thing You need to know

Zeblaze Thor 5 Android 4G SmartWatch Phone Specs, Price 
Zeblaze thor 5 is another new 4G smartwatch with two independent processors, affordable price, new look design and interesting in the technical specifications, let read the full details of Zeblaze thor5.
Design& Display of Zeblaze Thor 5:
Zeblaze thor5 comes with a new look and design very different from the previous smartwatches, It is made of metal, to guarantee good resistance over time, but the silicone strap is not removable or interchangeable. The new smartwatch has a circular 1.39-inch AMOLED touch display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It has an 8MP camera as well as microphone and speaker are nearby.

Hardware: LikeLemfo lem9, Makibes m3 andKospet Optimus, Zeblaze thor 5 powered by two independent processors, MediaTek MT6739 and Nordic NRF52840 chip that will only come into play in particular usage scenarios. Zeblaze Thor 5, in fact, is a dual-mode watch: it can be us…

KingWear KC05 Pro 4G Smartwatch Every Thing You need to know

KINGWEAR KC05 pro 4G Smartwatch Specs, Price

KingWear KC05 Pro is a new Android smartwatch with a high-resolution camera, it's a 4G watch phone with multi-sports mode, huge battery, IP67 waterproof as well as 32GB of storage space.

Design: The KingWear KC05 Pro comes this time with a classic look similar to Finow X7, it has a Metal body with a detachable TPU strap, you can change another suitable 24mm band. on the side, there are two physical buttons with 8.0MP Camera as well as a speaker. While the screen is 1.39 AMOLED with 400x400 pixels resolution as well as touch screen and press button operating modes.

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Hardware: The standalone smartwatch is powered by an MTK6739 Quade Core processor with 1.25GHz speed, it has 32GB of storage space and 3GB of RAM, and running the latest Android 7.1. the smartwatch with sim card supports 4G connectivity with its nano-SIM card slot, addit…

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TOP 5  Chinese Smart bands 2018/2019
TOP 5  Chinese Smart bands 2018/2019

Are you still looking for a smart bracelet? do you wonder about best chinese smartband? so,you are in the right place.I selected to you 5 chinese smartbandes and all of them can tracks your health .
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TOP 5  Chinese smart bracelet's 

Elephone ELE W7

TOP 5  Chines smart bracelet
TOP 5  Chinese smart bracelet 

ELE Band 7 is a new version from Elephone company,the latest band is a multi sport mode,it's can track steps and calorie burned.the ELE Band 7 has many features such as pedometer,sedentary reminder, heart rate monitor,sleep monitor ,remote control function,Bluetooth 4.0 ,IP67 waterproof as will as built_in GPS.

Wlngwear s908S

TOP 5  Chines smart bracelet
TOP 5  Chinese smart bracelet 

Wlngwear s908S is one of the smart bands that has all sports functions that you must have, the bracelet comes with IPS  display and 0.96-inch big screen with high definition picture display.the smart band is an IP68 waterproof and has pedometer,sedentary reminder, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor,Gps,bluetooth,calendar as well as 230mAh of battery capacity.

Zeblaze Plug S

TOP 5  Chines smart bracelet
TOP 5  Chinese smart bracelet 

The bracelet comes with a unique design slim, light and sporty, It's has a 0.96” inch IPS Color with 80*160 pixel resolution. The smart band is equipped with heart rate monitor, pedometer, fitness also has IP67 Waterproof, alarm clock, calendar, anti-loss function, It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, It can also receive a call and message notifications as well as social media notifications. The Zeblaze Plug S is powered by 100mAh mAh lithium polymer battery with standby time of 15 days.
Price:$24 . 

Xiaomi Mi band 3

TOP 5  Chines smart bracelet
Top 5  Chinese smart bracelet 

The Mi Band 3 feature a 0.78-inch OLED touchscreen display (up from the 0.42-inch screen of its predecessor) with 128 x 80-pixel resolution, that's enough room to fit in 26 Chinese characters on a single screen. It also houses a 110 mAh battery and an NFC chip to enable contactless payments.One of the things that set the Mi Band 3 apart from many other feature-laden smartwatches available is its 5ATM water resistant rating - withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters, making it a charm when being exposed in rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, surface, swimming

Goral B03

TOP 5  Chines smart bracelet
TOP 5  Chinese smart bracelet 

Goral B03 has 0.96 inch IPS screen, 80*160 resolution as well as a  tire pattern strap and headset under the display. Featured in this smart band from other smart bands is that comes a professional charging method as well as you can remove the display from the also has IP67 Waterproof, heart rate monitor, pedometer and many other features.

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